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Waikato Times – tempo – 3x the charm: Shikoba

8478646  Waikato Times   tempo   3x the charm: Shikoba

Shikoba, Aroha Wikotu’s Spirit collection

Describe your latest collection:

Sustainable, sophisticated and innovative.

What inspiration did you draw on?

My inspiration is always aspects of my environment and lifestyle. This last year I have been through a lot of personal growth and I wanted to reflect that in my designs. I researched different drafting techniques to what I was traditionally taught to allow me to design and draft in a new and exciting way. The collection, titled Spirit, is inspired by the true essence of one’s self.

What fabrics feature strongly in the collection?

It’s all about wool for Shikoba in winter: Woven blends for jackets, knits for jumpers and tops, merino for my lighter layers. And I am really excited to use a new merino/modal blend, giving the weight needed for my draped designs featured in the collection.

And colours?

Vibrant terracotta, plummy reds, navy and pesto green, contrasted with oaty earth colours.

What sets your collection apart?

From my past collections, it’s more innovative. From other designers, its sustainable values and distinctive design features.

How do you go about the design process?

I start with an idea/inspiration and develop the designs around it using shape, form, fabric texture and colour.

What is your connection to the Waikato?

I fell in love with a man who lives here and I always follow my heart.

Who is your fashion guru?

I honestly don’t have one.

What is your price point?

From $159 to $499.

What is fashion?

Fashion is beyond clothing, a trend of all things. It’s a bit of a monster that I love and love to hate. I love how anyone can make their own unique fashion but I dislike how the same thing can become mass produced.


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