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Petal Smash – New Spring/Summer Collection

Petal Smash – New Spring/Summer Collection


Inspired by the fresh feeling of spring and the longer fun days of summer. The changes to our natural surroundings bloom forward in spring and with the days getting gradually longer and lighter we all perk up and feel a bit happier that warm sunny days will soon be upon us. We are more active and social in these warmer months so this collection is designed to fit into that lifestyle in a  fun & happy way. Go for a bike ride in our fabulous capri pants, take a picnic to the river in our beautiful swing dress, enjoy the outdoors this season and do it in style. Our style this season is mashed up between classic and modern so you have the beautiful classic dress and high waist capris and also the modern drape of our loose style singlets and tops, teamed with leggings and its all very easy to wear.

Pinstitch tights feathered tops 300x300 Petal Smash   New Spring/Summer Collection
Pinstitch Detailing on our Bamboo/Organic Cotton tights




Quality Sustainable Fabrics

Being  NZ designer clothing we represent our countries clean green image so our fabrics have been selected with care to the design, wear-ability and environment. Our Pinstitch Capri Tights are made from a Bamboo Organic cotton blend with spandex, this gives them breath-ability, comfort and strength.  Our Organic Knit top is made form 100% Organic Cotton and its hand knitted, we think this is the most sustainable we have. You can view all our sustainable styles exclusively on our Sustainable Fashion page. All our other fabrics are either natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and viscose (which is a regenerated fibre made from wood pulp)

Organic Knit Top 300x300 Petal Smash   New Spring/Summer Collection
Organic Knit Top – Natural and Purple

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