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New Winter Collection – Heritage

New Winter Collection – Heritage

This winter, Shikoba is bringing you the Heritage collection 100% NZ made, NZ designer clothing. There are also sustainable pieces within the Heritage collection using all NZ made materials; this sustainable fashion is going to give you beauty with a conscience. You are going to be investing in clothes from a local designer that uses local materials, supporting the NZ fashion industry and all NZ industries connected to this. This gives you the chance to stay connected with this great country while looking fantastic. This NZ designer clothing brings together everything that you want, like high quality materials, with the looks that you never knew you wanted, giving you something that you will want to wear for years to come.

What is going to catch your eyes immediately is the appearance. There is a lot of beauty with the designer clothing here, and you are going to adore every inch of this. From the feel to how it looks when worn, there is a lot for you to take away personally. This clothing is more than just a way to look good for a second, too. The entire Heritage collection is made to fit you and stay looking good for a long time. You will be able to build an incredible outfit thanks to the looks of the clothing with this collection.

Of course, what really makes the Sustainable pieces within the Heritage collection, and Shikoba as a whole, stand out is not the look, but the fact that this is sustainable clothing. This is something that you do not have everywhere, and something that you cannot find just by walking out your door. This allows you to feel better with what you are wearing because you know that it is not damaging the environment as much and it is not as troublesome in general. You can feel proud that you are wearing sustainable clothing. You are helping the environment without sacrificing the high fashion that you have come to expect for yourself.

With NZ designer clothing, you also have the added benefit of being able to use local materials, which is what you have here. Merino or Merino / Tencel blends, with other local materials like wool being used at some point. You do not have to worry about synthetic materials or anything from outside the country being used. Everything is sourced locally, improving your fashion and the NZ industries. You are not just taking more away for yourself thanks to this collection, but you are also bringing more to the local economy and businesses.

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