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Clothing Miles – how to get the most value out of clothing


The more times you wear a garment the more value you get out of it, the mileage you get from it depends a lot on the style, colour or type of fabric of the garment. When entering a cooler season invest in some merino base layers in black,white or neutral colours, you can continue to wear your summer tops , skirts and dresses with tights, slips or tops layered underneath. When things start to warm up again change the base layer to a  cotton fabric. Both Merino and Cotton feel nice next to the skin because they are breathable and absorbent. Base layers are affordable pieces that give more mileage to some of the more stylish pieces in your wardrobe. Classic Styled pieces stay fashionable for years so its worth investing a little more in these pieces but do make sure the fabric is good quality, some designer clothing can be high priced for profit reasons not quality reasons so always check the fabric composition when making these longer term investments. Its worth paying extra for natural fabrics such as Linen, Wool, Merino, Cashmere, Silk etc they are superior in many ways to cheaper polyesters and acrylics, however there are a few good blends of Natural and man made fibers we will talk about this in our next post.

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